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The Human Body

Your amazing bipedal design!

Our anthropomorphic design evolved over thousands of years, and our species perfected ways to use our physical form to overcome obstacles and make our existence more comfortable. We must remember to take the time to care for our body in order to maintaining the physical perfection we were born with.

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Body Care

Understanding how food affects you

Tuesday October 4, 2011.


I was surprised at what I learned by taking a class in nutrition. It was clear by the end of this course, how much misinformation is used to influence people into buying things they don’t need.

I used the information I learned to help me make better choices in feeding both my family and myself. I felt it was important to put together the most important aspects of what I learned in a format that wasn’t overwhelming to our readers.

So I did the work in highlighting the important lessons learned and will be adding content to each section where readers can drill-down to get more information on a particular area that is of interest to them.

Get detailed information about what your body requires and the best sources, or just skip to the sections on healthy meals where we give you pre-planned menus that follow current nutritional guidelines.

Understand how our nutritional needs change depending on your stage of life.

Young Children
Young adults
Middle Age adults


Just let it go!

Tuesday September 6, 2011

As a former workaholic, I completely understand the adrenaline rush one can get when you are confronted with overcoming obstacles at work and people are looking to you to save the day. There is no greater feeling of personal pride. However, working in an environment where there are occasional challenges versus being constantly in fight-or-flight mode can age anyone prematurely. You can get away with abusing your body for only so long. What people don't usually see until it is too late is how overexposure to stress degrades the quality of your life both physically as well as emotionally.

Here is a partial list of things you can look forward too if you let stress rule your life:

a) Loneliness - Your addiction will cause you to put your crisis over long lasting personal relationships. By the time you realize this, you may find yourself living a life without the comfort of a loving partner or fond memories with children.

b) Looking older than you are – Plastic surgery can only go so far when it comes to stress related damage.

c) Depression – is a withdrawl symptom of someone who has created a life dominated by stress. This is due partly because stess produces adrenaline which peolple can become addicted to. It is important to know this if you are trying to change your lifestyle to lower your stress level.

d) Physical Illness – Your body cannot sustain a life of excessive stress indefinitely. Look forward to high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, which can be attributed to prolonged exposure to stress.

Not unlike a drug addict, seeing you have a problem isn’t always easy. Getting yourself to walk away can be even harder if you not only love your job, but don’t have the desire to do something new.

In our Time Mangement section we will try and teach some of you die-hard workaholics the joy of letting it go!


Plan ahead to minimize your stress.

Keep a visible list of things that you need to do so that you focus on getting what you need done to avoid stressing yourself out.



That it is possible to die from drinking too much water?

Water intoxication death is usually associated with drinking contests where too much water causes the body’s electrolytes to become imbalanced. The recommended intake of water is 1 -2 liters of water a day.